July14 Cloud Mandala 3

Messages From Nature: Support and Love

July14 Cloud Mandala 3 (c) 2014 Christine Agro
July14 Cloud Mandala 3
(c) 2014 Christine Agro

I’ve said it so many times, when you need support all you have to do is look UP!

Sky Mandalas always provide images of angels watching over us, of love and of support.

Here is a beautiful Mandala from today’s sky. I needed some inspiration, some love, some support so I looked up.  I could just see and feel it in the sky.

There was a sweet cloud floating by that said ‘take a picture’ so I ran inside, grabbed my camera and did.

I knew that the Mandala from it would convey everything that I felt from the sky at that moment.

So just remember, when you need support, look UP!


Nature Speaks: Nature As A Guide (July 29, 2014)

Join Christine Agro for this week’s Nature Speaks: Nature as a Guide.

Christine will be exploring the way in which connecting more deeply with Nature helps us to live life with great awareness and authenticity.

Using current studies, she’ll help you make the leap and guide you in understanding just how and why Nature can be our guide.


Live, Tuesday July 29 at 11AM ET


Check out Christine’s special Attuning with Nature Simple Meditations



Nature Speaks: Open UP (July 22, 2014)

Join Christine Agro as she returns to A2Zen.FM with a new show that encourages you to develop a deeper connection with nature. She brings the same lightheartedness you’ve come to love and that powerful gift she has of tapping into and sharing Universal Truths that help you create REAL change in your life. Get ready to be reunited with nature and all its wonderful gifts, teaching and guidance.

We’ll be talking about the power Nature holds- from healing to guidance; hearing from Messages From Nature; exploring ways to create a deeper connection with Nature and how to honor Nature.

On this show: Open UP

This is the topic that would not ‘go away’. Christine kept looking for a different show topic, but ‘Open UP’ insisted, so this is a Divinely Inspired show.

Christine talks about Continue reading


It All Starts With a Hello – Deepening Your Connection with Nature


I long for the day that I can create Nature’s Sanctuary, a place where Nature is acknowledged, seen, connected with and honored.  Where a single step upon the grounds surrounds a visitor with welcoming love, respite and healing; where that step provides sanctuary.

Gardens are built for many different reasons; as beautiful visual treasures;  to attain a state of perfection in the art of gardening; to demonstrate wealth; to compliment architecture; to create a sense of tranquility. As beautiful or striking as these gardens are, they lack an actual connection with nature.

If we do not acknowledge Nature, it does not acknowledge us. Continue reading

Full Moon Mandala 5
(c) 2014 Christine Agro

Messages From Nature: Full Moon Energy


Full Moon Mandala 5 (c) 2014 Christine Agro
Full Moon Mandala 5
(c) 2014 Christine Agro

Moon Energy
Release the old, bring in the new

Tap into the magic of this powerful July Full Moon.
This Mandala helps you focus your energy.
Release the old and bring in the new. May the power of the Full Moon create positive movement and flow in your life.  Christine Full Moon Mandala 5 (c) 2014 Christine Agro

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Lotus Mandala 7
(c) 2014 Christine Agro

The Lotus: Spiritual Growth and Conscious Awareness

Lotus Mandala 7 (c) 2014 Christine Agro
Lotus Mandala 7
(c) 2014 Christine Agro

Spiritual Growth and Conscious Awareness

In honor of today’s Lakshmi Garden topic on Nature Speaks Radio I thought sharing a Lotus message was fitting. As Lotus is the flower of Lakshmi, I’ll be talking quite a bit about Lotus on the show. Continue reading


Nature Speaks Radio: As Above, So Below (July 1, 2014)

Join Christine Agro for a fun and inspiring hour music, talk and of tapping into nature and all its wonderful gifts, teaching and guidance.

On today’s show: As Above, So Below

Christine explores the notion of As Above, So Below and how this applies to our relationship with Nature.

This is a deep show that explores Hermes Trismisgustus,  Issac Newton’s immerision in Hermeticism and the way in which Hermes Trismisgustus’ writings helped Newton understand the Universe and prove his theories.